Five Mean Girls Characters And Their Shakespeare Counterparts

Shakespeare had some mean girls floating around.


By Jean Jackson

Mean Girls is the mantra of a high school in the 00’s; it is what Clueless did for 90’s valley girls, what Sixteen Candles did for 80’s hopeful romantics, and it validated a generation.

The depiction of a crappy high school, the struggle to both blend in and stand out and attempting to fit in, almost perfectly embodies high school in the mid to late 00’s. We’ve all had some Cady Heron falling-in-a-trashcan, Gretchen Weiner outbreaks to murder our best friend, or Regina George getting hit by a bus moments (OK, maybe not).

Before movies or TV, though, women might have struggled to find a character that validates their slutty tendencies, strange abilities or lust for power and equality. Shakespeare, with delicate subtlety and the lowest form of entertainment at the time, achieved this notion. Eye rolls aside, he was quite the feminist and wrote strong leading…

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